Friday, 7 February 2014


For the Contents, I think this is the one that I've replicated the most (by using the Mock Ups as guidelines). I have stuck to the layout of the Mock Up, however images have moved around; due to change in my perception as I realised it doesn't look as good than the drawings.

For the quote, I thought that using a font that differs from the rest will attract the most attention to the audience. This is because the audience will become intrigued by the quote and would want to flip to that page and read the Interview.

I have used a cartoon guitar as a replacement for a bullet point. I have used this because the whole genre of the Magazine is Indie. Guitars are associated with Indie Music as they are the main instruments that can be heard in this particular genre. By using the guitar, it will show to the audience that The Prospect are discovered and professional enough to have that privilege.

To improve, I will use the space up as efficiently as possible. Also, I will  rearrange certain aspects of the Contents to ensure the professional look that the Contents that I have observed during the Research and Planning process.

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