Friday, 7 February 2014


For my Draft Cover. I have tried to replicate the Mock Up. However throughout this process my perception of the Magazine changed, consequently making my Draft differ from the Mock Ups. As you approach the last few print screens of the production of the Cover, you will notice that the apostrophe from the Title of the Magazine has disappeared. This is because I received feedback that the apostrophe was unnecessary as the audience will immediately understand both connotations of the Magazine.

Also, the colour of the name of the Band has changed. This is because I have tried to make the Title match with the bright yellow 'Hot and New' stamp located underneath the Title of the Magazine. Again feedback was received, from peers, giving me advice as it appealed to them visually as an audience.

I have attempted in replicating the Movie Strip from the 'Q' Magazine Kings of Leon, as it attracted my attention. This will contain the Magazines 'features'. Hopefully, it will give the Magazine a sense of professionalism and some sort of connotation to Hollywood.

To improve, for the real Cover, I will get my Models to wear similar outfits. As now, the two look completely different and they don't look like an Indie duo at the moment.

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