Thursday, 20 March 2014

Evaluation Activity Five-Draft.


The most significant way that I attracted my audience were the models used. This is because they are around the same age group as my target audience. Also their fashion sense, is similar to those of the Indie genre. This would've attracted my audience simply because of the models, they would feel more inclined to purchasing a copy if there was an artist of the same group.

Another way that I attracted my audience were the use of the colour palettes. Black, White and Red. The heavy use of Red, especially in the Cover, which is an eye-catching colour that holds a various amount of connotations. One of which are danger, warning, power and energy. Also, it holds a stimulant of making quick decisions (whether or not to buy the Magazine). From a distance, the overdose of Red would attract the audience as it is a vibrant and demanding colour. Furthermore, the Red is only used when their is vital information (for example the name of the Band); which is what the audience will see. This will make the audience intrigued and almost make them purchase a copy as they feel drawn to the Magazine.

The image itself would've attracted the audience, as it is a close up; showing the audience the artists faces more clearly. The facial expressions show that they want to be taken seriously and therefore shows the audience a sense of maturity about the band. The contrast between the two will attract the audience, as they will want to know more about the boys individually and read about what makes them work as a band. As the boys are photogenic, this will attract females and those of other sexualities to purchase a copy of the Magazine.

The contents page contains a variety of different artists, which would attract those of another audience type (as it may contain something they are interested in). The Magazine itself will be easy on the audiences eye, due to its layout and the balance in writing, images and blank space. The double page spread is simple yet effective. There is an image that fills up the left side of the page, whereas on the right there is a pull quote and the right amount of writing for the Article. If the Magazine is heavily filled with writing, then the audience will instantly be deterred away from it; as it may be too much for them to read.

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  1. This needs some re-phrasing in places e.g. "other sexualities". You should add details on the topics of the features mentioned on your contents and the actual DPS - how do these things appeal to your audience? Did you use pull quotes? Language used? How does the subject of the DPS appeal? etc etc