Friday, 21 March 2014

Evaluation Activity Seven-Draft.


My Prelim Magazine and Music Magazine are completely different. It is evident that I have gained more experience in using all of these programmes. My Music Magazine shows more regular conventions all of those belonged to an existing and professional. It is clear that the Music Magazine looks like more of a Magazine than my Prelim does.

This is the Cover for the Prelim Magazine. As you can see, I have had no experience whatsoever. The masthead is located across the top of the Cover, it looks distorted and unprofessional. The colours used for the palette, don't complement each other nor do they match. There is only one person on the Cover and it doesn't look realistic. The whole of the image doesn't fit onto Cover, due to the type of shot that I used for the Prelim Magazine.

The Final Music Magazine has improved as there is a distinctive logo in the top central area of the Cover. There is a more subtle colour palette used, which are specified to the genre that my Music Magazine is. There are two models and the image fits the Cover. As I have gained more knowledge on the conventions of a Magazine, it is clear that I am able to use Photo Shop.

The Contents on the Prelim Magazine, doesn't stick to the conventions of a regular Contents Page. Usually, you need to divide your page into three columns and work along the 'F', 'Z' and 'E' Plan. The image looks stretched and unprofessional. The colour palette used in the Contents, is completely different to the one in the Cover. The image isn't my model used in the Cover and it isn't an image that I had captured myself. It is very restricted as to what is in the Magazine itself.

The Contents on my Music Magazine follows the conventions that fit a Music Magazine. You can clearly see that there are three columns and a various amount of images, which all make a 'Z' Plan. It is evident that there has been more consideration when planning the Contents Page. The house theme has ran consistently through the Magazine, showing professionalism. I used to grids on Photoshop to make sure that everything was in line and the same number of boxes away.

There is no DPS for the Prelim, as we had no experience to make one. My Final DPS followed an existing one from 'Q' Magazine. As you can see the house theme is running consistently throughout the Magazine. We have had the education to produce a DPS on Photoshop, more than we had when producing our Prelimary's.

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  1. A good effort Krishna. Don't forget what you also learnt about the importance of finding/styling the right model; setting up the camera/taking a good picture and of course what you learnt about the need for research and planning.