Friday, 21 March 2014

Evaluation Activity Six-Draft.


Adobe Photoshop: Before the Coursework, I had very little knowledge of how to use Photoshop. Throughout the process of the Coursework I am able to edit photos, changing the brightness, using the Magic Wand to eliminate certain aspects of the image. I have also learnt how to insert text, manipulate the size and change the colour and font. Due to this Coursework, I am able to pursue the basic tasks on Photoshop and completely transform an image.

Nikon D2300 SLR Camera: For the Photo Shoot area of the Coursework, we had the opportunity to use high tec equipment. This enables the images to be of top quality, so that when they are placed onto the Magazine they will look professional. For the Photo Shoot, I used 2 filter lights for both of my shoots. This is due to experimenting with the lights and how they can alter the tone of the overall Magazine. I wanted to be able to produce a positive atmosphere, however, the shadow could bring a darker side to the Magazine; making the audience intrigued  and therefore  leading them to buying a copy of 'I'M'.

Blogger: From the beginning of the Research and Planning, through to the Final Design, the Blogger has been crucial in documenting each and every stage. I learnt how to embed images, videos and other documents onto my Blog. Frequent Blog Posts were vital, so that we could see our progress and gain the higher marks.

The School Computer: Luckily, my Computer didn't crash or restart itself. The fonts that I wanted to use were all on my specific Computer. At first, Page Plus (used to construct the Double Page Spread) was only on two computers, so it was relatively difficult. As the deadline was approaching, Page Plus was inserted onto every single computer; so we were all able to work on our DPS without having to wait for someone to finish theirs.

Powerpoint: I used Microsoft Powerpoint, to put on all my Print Screens to show the progression of the Magazine. When Print Screening certain areas of my Blogs , I embedded and cropped them onto Powerpoint (as I found this easier than copying and pasting it onto Paint).

Flickr: Flickr is a website that I transported all of my images taken from the Photo Shoot. This is because it easier to access, as everyone is able to view the images. Also, it is evidence of planning if the examiners are able to see the images themselves.

Without all of these programmes, I have been able to produce a good Magazine. All of these have helped as they are all specified in a particular area. Photoshop was used especially for editing and manipulating images. Blogger used for documenting the progression of the Magazine.

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  1. Decent. Be specific about the PC and don't forget the following: Powtoons, Animoto, Prezzi, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube etc if relevant.