Thursday, 20 March 2014

Evaluation Activity Four-Draft.


My target audience are 16-25 Males. The target audience of 'Leaning Edge', which consists 'Indie Scensters', 'Creatives', 'DIYers', 'Hipsters' and 'Tumblr Kids'. Through my research, it is evident that Indie genre attracts younger males. Due to this I have decided upon my target audience. My ideal target audience would be those like Oliver Smith.

Oliver Smith is aged 18 and holds an 'Indie' look, where he has a buttoned up polo shirt and quiffy hair. On a day to day basis, Oliver plays acoustic guitar, hangs out with his friends clubbing and going to movies. He also likes to go to gigs and he enjoys skateboarding.

Retail wise, Oliver usually shops at Top Man, River Island, Phix Clothing, Next, Wellgosh and Fashion Indie.

Oliver has a part time job at Top Man, he has no car (as he is saving up for University) so he takes bus journeys to his advantage and listens to bands/artists such as The Stone Roses, The 1975, Jake Bugg, Mumford and Sons and Kings of Leon. He is in his last year of A Levels, where he is studying Music, Travel&Tourism and Media. Oliver would like to start his own band (with him as the guitarist) touring across the UK.

The typical fashion of my target audience would be baggy jumpers, buttoned up checkered shirts/ polos, black skinny jeans and boots/formal shoes. This is the stereotypical dress code of the Indie Genre, so I had incorporated this into my Cover to appeal to my target audience.

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  1. This is good. Can you just add some description of what your actual groups (the ones you've identified from UK Tribes) are like?