Tuesday, 21 January 2014

25 Word Pitch.


  1. Krishna! I like how you have a clear indication of your magazine title and why it is being created. It also seems that you know what the bands/ images will be wearing giving it a good unified image.
    I would be paying £3.50, as your target market would catch my attention as well as the other articles that your magazine will feature.
    To improve, are you sure that you will just aim your magazine at males, it may restrict the articles that you write? :-)

  2. Your obviously have a clear vision of your magazine which is shown well in this presentation. The use of bands and images really helps build a clear image of your magazine.
    I would may £3.00 for your magazine as your target market applies to me.
    All I can suggest is that you keep your audience in mind when creating your articles etc

  3. i like how you have stated who your target audience is and what genre your magazine will be clearly. This makes it easier for readers to identify what your magazine will be like and if they are willing to buy it.
    I would be willing to pay £2.00 for you magazine purely because it does not apply to me.
    To improve, adding music to your 25 word pitch would keep readers interested and they would be able to identify the genre of your magazine faster.

  4. I like how you have presented your work as a powtoon because its more interesting than just writing the words. i would pay £2.50 for your magazine, to improve you could do with changing the font used as its not clear on all the letters.

  5. I like how your images link clearly to your chosen words, it gives a clear indication of the type of magazine you want to create and the fact that you've included example covers also. I would pay £2.00 for your magazine. To improve, maybe add a song/backing track to your presentation so I can hear a sample of your chosen genre of music.