Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Style Model-Covers.

I have used these Magazine Covers as my Style Models as they all have uniqueness about them. Each and every one of them attracts their audience due to their effective colour pallets. All three Covers consist of a masthead which instantly tells the audience what the Magazine's genre is. All have the Magazine 'Logo' on the top left hand corner coinciding with the Golden Spiral. The Magazines have the main attraction and the centre of the Magazine on the Covers, with a picture of the Band/Artist and the Name. This is to give them a form of recognition.*The Mojo Magazine has the background of red; which could connote to danger, warning and possibly anger. By using this intimidating and serious picture of the Band; it would contrast with the connotation behind the use of the red. At the top, there is a picture of one of the most famous person to have ever lived (Michael Jackson); this would encourage people to read this magazine because of the famous figurehead of this particular genre. The important messages are being portrayed through the colours and fonts that are rarely being used; this would then create the effect of urgency in the ''GET HEAVY!'' statement. The Magazine has been consistent in the way it has stuck with the three colour pallets. Additionally, the Magazine has followed the Rule of Thirds rule by locating the models bodies so that the heads are the top third, torso middle third and from the waist down bottom third. The audience can also tell, by the way they all have been positioned, who is the 'leader' of the Band. By doing this, the audience can sense that aura of importance about this one person.

For the actual content of the Magazine, they incorporate Artists that are similar to their style of Genre. Also, ‘Mojo’ uses an exceptionally famous figurehead to encourage Michael Jackson’s fans (or anyone that has a liking to Pop, to come and read the Magazine).* This 'Q' Magazine Cover also fits with the genre of Indie/Pop Music as the Band is Kings of Leon. Their music is widely popular, so from first glance, the audience will have awareness about them and who they are. There are similarities with this Cover and the 'Mojo' Cover. The important notices are in a different colour (but still applying to the three colour pallets) that is rarely used to attract the most attention. A Quote is inserted in both as well, to give it a sense of recognition; also it could be personal as the Quote may well have been said by them. The strapline at the bottom of the Magazine could resemble a Movie Strip which could make the Magazine connote to some sort of a Hollywood essence to it. The Quote ''From rich star to murderer'' being in red, could suggest that there is a sense of danger behind this Band. As the word ''Murderer'' and the meaning behind it is so dangerous and almost criminal worthy, this could suggest that the Band are becoming like this. The facial expressions on the Band Members show compassion, friendship and fun; this shows that the Magazine will be a little more personal and reveal things about the Band Members no one knew.*
 This magazine consists on just this individual person. His facial expression looks like he is in deep thought; which is probably what he wants to audience to do. The masthead is on the left hand side. This is a very plain and simple Magazine Cover; keeping any 'clutter' to a minimum. This Magazine just wanted to get across the most vital information to the audience. The three colour pallet is baby blue/silver, black and white. As you can see, the baby blue/silver is only used for the masthead.
From the appearance of the individual, it is clear to the audience that the genre of this Magazine is Indie/Pop Music from the stereotypical view that the person fits the genre conventions. In all three Magazines, the Barcode is inserted in the bottom right hand corner which applies to The Golden Spiral. This is from the top left hand corner spiralling out to the bottom right hand corner; which is what the human eye would last see; thus 'compelling' the audience into buying this Magazine (as the price would be the last thing they saw).

There are many aspects of these Magazine Covers that I’d like to incorporate into my own. The movie strip, from ‘Q’ Magazine, as it conveys the idea to the audience that the Magazine and the Band are of star quality. Also the ‘Mojo’ and ‘Q’ all have taken a mid-shot of the Band, to enable the audience to see everything in the Cover.

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  1. Krishna you have analysed thoroughly here and used some good terminology. Can you rotate the images so they are the right way round?