Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Preliminary Task-Sketches.

  • Name: LC Mag.
  • Genre: General.
  • Target Audience: Students.
From the research we have conducted in the lessons, I have decided to use the ''F'' Plan. It is a simple yet effective design and holds a professional look. As this is a school magazine, it would need to look professional and appeal to the target audience; which the ''F'' Plan pursues. The balance between the space being filled and the empty space is equal; the cover wouldn't be heavily overloaded with information repelling the audience away from the sight of too much information.

The contents of the page consists of a main quote, picture and information about the Magazine. By inserting a quote the Student/Teacher will become curious about the Magazine, thus this would lead them to pick it up and read it. The picture is allocated on the right, with the information on the left. Everything is in a professional manner, each area of the contents page is included. On the bottom right hand corner, the Logo is inserted (to show who the Magazine belongs to).

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