Thursday, 16 January 2014

Syle of Music Magazine.

Overall,  based on the research that I have carried out, I have concluded that the style of my Magazine would mirror those of 'Q' Magazine. I have decided this because this Magazine matches the genre I'm pursuing for my Magazine. Additionally, they all use the same colour palette I intend to use. So using 'Q' Magazine would be logical due to it's huge popularity with the Indie/Pop genre.

Furthermore, the way in which this Magazine uses groups&duos is unique to the other Magazines. 'Fader' or 'Vibe' only use one individual, which is difficult for me as I am using a duo for my Magazine. 'Q' is the best option in that aspect. Also, the colour palettes I am thinking of using are used in these Magazine; showing me that they're the perfect colour options for the Indie genre. Another reason as to why I prefer this style of Magazine, is the way the space has been used. Although there is a lot of information, it is enough for the reader/audience to contain.

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