Thursday, 16 January 2014

Audience Profile.

From my research, I have decided that my target audience are within the 16-25 age range and mainly males (although some females may having a liking to this genre). I have decided upon this due to the research done on audience research, which showed me that this appealed to males more who are likely to purchase a copy of this Magazine.

Name: Oliver Smith.

Age: 18.

Interests: Playing acoustic guitar, hanging out with his friends, going clubbing, going to the movies, going to gigs/concerts and skateboarding.

Clothing:  River Island, Phix Clothing, Next, Top Man, Wellgosh, Fashion Indie.

Occupation: Part time job at Top Man, last year of A Levels, would like to start his own band up (with him as guitarist). Living in Birmingham at the moment, in an apartment with friends.

Artists: The Stone Roses, The 1975, Jake Bugg, Kings of Leon, Mumford and Sons, The Smiths.

General Information: Oliver wants to pursue a career as a lead guitarist in his own Band. However, his priority is passing his A Levels. He is studying Music, Travel&Tourism and Media. He has a genuine passion for vintage clothing and likes to dress in band t-shirts or polo shirts (buttoned up to the top); to give him the Indie look. The interior design on his bedroom walls are posters of various Bands/Artists that he is interested in. As a past time, he likes to go to the movies and some gigs with his friends or his girlfriend.

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