Wednesday, 15 January 2014

What I Could Copy From My Favourite Magazines.

What I could copy from my favourite Magazines would be the NME one of Disclosure. I liked that in particular as it brings a mischievous side to the Magazine. Also, the outfits that the two are wearing seems to be very stylish and trendy for males in this particular genre. It is unique in the way the two were positioned at the top of the Magazine and were upside down.

Additionally, I would copy the slanted writing from the Mumford and Son's 'Q' Magazine; as it gives the Magazine a sense of eccentricity. I also liked the colour pallet of the Magazine Cover, as all the colours complement one another. Moreso, I liked the outfits that the Band was wearing as it gives the aura of classiness and makes the Band look sophisticated.

I am in two minds as to what the models outfits would be for the Cover of my Magazine. These two Magazine Covers have struck out to me the most (in terms of Fashion).

Furthermore, another Magazine I'd like to copy would be the Kings of Leon one. The Quote could be altered, so I could get my models to make it out as if they were holding the Quote; which would be something they said themselves. This would then give it a personal meaning, if the Quote they were 'holding' was a Quote from themselves.

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