Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Preliminary Reflection.

  1.  My Magazine portrays particular social groups as there is an image of a youth on the Cover. The audience would have an idea on the particular social group that my Prelim Magazine is representing.
  2. The intended audience for my Magazine would be students of the College, so the age would range from 14-19 year old. By reaching out to the intended audience, I have used a person who is from the College to appeal to the them and therefore encourage them to purchase the Magazine.
  3. I have attracted my audience by using a model that is the same age as the intended audience, by this the audience will be interested and will then want to read the Magazine. I have addressed the audience by using personal pronouns to make the audience feel as if I am addressing the audience directly.
  4. I have learnt that the technologies are complex during this process. However, if you familiarise yourself with the technology then it would become easier to utilise and understand.

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