Thursday, 16 January 2014

Analysis of Colour Pallettes&Examples of 10 Fonts.

In this post I will be analysing different colour palettes and give examples of 10 fonts that I'll like to use for my Magazine.

Looking at other Magazine Covers, I have decided on what three main colours I'd like to use for my colour palettes. From this variety of colour types, I've decided upon using ''Fire Truck'' Red, ''Whisper White'' (extracted from the right colour palette) and ''Basic Black'' (again from the right colour palette). I have chosen these colours as they are eye-catching, simple yet effective. The Magazine Covers I have looked at all use these three colours as their main colour palette and it gives the Magazine a professional look. An additional colour, to attract the reader/audiences' eye would be ''Lemon'' from the left colour palette.

The colour palettes below are ones that I may take into consideration.

All of these Magazine Covers use the colour palette I'd like to use. In all three Magazines, there are four main colours. However, the colour less used is the colour used to make a statement about a certain piece of information.  This has given me the inspiration to use this exact colour palette for my Magazine, as it is current in the genre I'd like to use.

10 Fonts:

This picture of the fonts generally used for Indie/Pop Magazines caught my eye. This is because these fonts all have a dark edge to them. All of these fonts are all smudged in some way, to give a dark, gothic theme. The fonts, generally, coincide with the Band/Artist (so if they were Indie/Pop genre, this font would be used). I would use fonts like this as it matches with the genre of the Magazine; there is a form of uniqueness about the fonts&the genre itself.

I would use the ''Blackbeat'' or ''Off-Beat'' Font for my Magazine. As they contain professionalism whilst portraying a sense of uniqueness; it is also an eye-catching font that will encourage the reader/audience to pick up the Magazine and read it.

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