Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Test Shots For Draft.

krishna_chauhan743's photostream on Flickr.

These photos that were captured, were the first photo shoot I have done. That would explain the poor camera angles and positioning. This will teach me, for the actual photo shoot, that I need to position the camera better to enable a good photo. In most of these photos, I am experimenting with the camera, in order to see which of these will have the best effect.

I am intending to use all of these images across my front cover, contents and double page spread. I have used the ones with the two together (for the Cover); to show the audience the members of the Band. The individual photos will be used for the Contents, to show their own unique style. Finally, I will use the ones of the two 'goofing' around on the Double Page Spread, to show a more personal relationship (inspiration from 'Q' Magazine with Kings of Leon) as the article is about them two as people and not musicians.

I have one model dressed in smart (inspired by Sam Smith's style) and one casual. This is because I wanted to show the contrast between the two. The images of the trainers and shoes were to show the contrast, however it didn't succeed due to green carpet.

There are two lights being used in all these photos, one on either side of their faces. This is to attract the attention to the models faces (as that is what is being sold in the Magazine). Some areas may be dark on the face, as I wanted to create a sense of mystery about the two and the lighting was the perfect way to manipulate this.

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