Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Introduction to Photography.

On 10th January 2014, the whole was introduced to Photography. We were taught the main aspects of how to take the right picture. From this lesson, I learnt that it was vital to get the image placed in the right position; otherwise it would ruin the Magazine.

Additionally we looked at the three main lighting in a picture. These are Hair Light, Fill Light and Key Light. All of which make one of the better photos.

Hair Light- A hair light in a portrait setup adds dimension and drama to the image by accenting the shoulders and crown of the subject. Like adding spice to a dish, adding a disproportionate amount of hair light can overpower the other lighting and ruin the final image.

Fill Light- Fill light is any source of illumination that fills in the areas of shadow created by other lights.  Most often, fill light is used to lighten the shadows created by the main (key) light. 

Key Light- The key light is the first and usually most important light that a photographer, cinematographer lighting cameraman, or other scene composer will use in a lighting setup.


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