Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Creating a Name for the Band.

By doing this, I looked at Wikipedia and Hit ''Random''. I did this because then it would be a more spontaneous way of choosing a name for the Band and names that I hadn't even considered may fit the name for my Band who will consist of Ben Warrington and Cameron Vear. I chose them because they fit the 'Indie/Pop' look, that each Indie Band has and matched my criteria by being a duo (inspiration from Disclosure).

After looking at Wikipedia, many names caught by eye such as:
  • North Men.
  • The Prospect.
  • Long Distance Call.
Each of these have a uniqueness in the name and have an underlying meaning, one that the audience will be able to interpret themselves. Also, these names each give a sense of mystery about the Band.

After contemplating on which of the three I would choose to be the name of the Band, I decided that it would be 'The Prospect'. Personally, it was the only one that jumped out at me from the start and is a unique Band name.

The title of their first album is 'They Are Stupidly Wrong'. I decided this by using Random Quotations and picked the last four words of the very last quote and used it.


Name: The Prospect.
Age Range: 16-25.
Genre: Indie.
Musical Influences: The Smiths, The Stone Roses, Arctic Monkeys, Mumford and Sons.
Members: Ben Warrington and Cameron Vear.

Contains a similar style to The Smiths, The Stone Roses etc. with the Indie theme. Usually,  The Prospect would perform gigs at Festivals bringing a lively atmosphere that will get the audience on their feet in no time. They will range from slow, heartfelt songs to upbeat and feel good songs appealing to everyone. The main instrument that will always be heard is the guitar, as that is the vital aspect of Indie music.

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  1. Good planning here.
    Krishna this is a promising blog so far! You are beginning to create a very realistic picture in the mind of what you magazine will be like. There is good evidence of research. Make sure that all research is linked to your own ideas though in order to secure high marks. I would suggest that you tidy your blog so that all posts are labelled and together e.g. all prelim posts, all analyses together. Finally, I would make sure that the 3 analyses you have done are to the best of your ability - if you included more terms and linked to your idea this will improve further. On the whole though a great effort - well done! Please scroll through your blog to see further comments/advice.