Friday, 31 January 2014

Draft Article Reflection Post.

Draft Article Reflection:
In this post, I will be reflecting on my Draft Article.

For the main topic, it was an Interview with the 'hot and new' upcoming Band 'The Prospect'. The two talk about life as a Band and give information on their dates for their Tour. In the Interview, I intentionally made the band member Ben appear less intelligent. Similarly, I made Cameron appear more intelligent and articulate. I did this because it would be a juxtaposition to their clothing and styling on the Magazine Cover. As Ben is dressed in more smart and sophisticated look, it would be surprising (to the audience) in the way in which he speaks to the Interviewer. Furthermore with Cameron,  he is wearing a casual outfit; so making him more intelligent and intellectual would make the audience do a double take. By having this balance, it would be clear to the audience that 'The Prospect' are a versatile and complex Band; even in the way they both speak.

To improve for the real Article, I would research into Music Magazines and take into account the style of which they write in and try to replicate that. This would be better as I would be researching extracts from professionals and know that how I'm writing the Article would be correct, as it is taken from a real Magazine.

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