Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Style Models-Double Page Spread.

I have extracted these certain double-paged spreads from the Magazines as they are good examples of how to utilise the space on the page.*This double page spread has a different layout to the 'Q' Magazine's one. There are pictures on each side of the page, which utilises the space well. The first thing the reader will observe is the picture on the top left hand corner and the last thing they'll see would be the picture on the bottom right hand corner. The deliberate positioning of the images shows that the Magazine took the Golden Spiral into consideration. The colour pallet has been used consistently throughout the course of the Magazine, showing professionalism. The important information has been used with a colour that hasn't been used a lot, to signify the message it wants to convey to the reader. For the actual content of the DPS, they reflect on the success of the Bands and that has made an impact on their lives.*This double page spread is from 'Q' Magazine. The shade of red indicates which Magazine it is from, as it seems to be consistent throughout the whole Magazine. In the centre of the double page spread, is a picture of the Band during one of their performances; with a Quote underneath it. Around the image is text, suggesting that this is an article (due to its layout). The large image retracts the attention away from the amount of text; also it will give the reader a hint as to what the topic may be. For the actual content of the DPS (Double Page Spread), it is an Article about the Band. It is a daily record of what the band usually does on tour. This will interest the audience, as it is more personal; which is fending for the audiences’ needs, as that’s what they want.*
The double page spread on 'Fader' is more diverse than the previous two. The image is the biggest, so therefore is the one taking up more space. The bright colours in the image, which will attract the readers; so will the famous artists in the picture. This Magazine will convey the message that they include all different genres of music, which will create more readers; as this Magazine isn't restricted to just one genre. There is little writing on the left hand side of the picture; however the main focus of this double page spread is the picture. For the actual content, it is reporting a recent gig that these two in the image did together. There is an evaluation of the crowd’s response and what the overall atmosphere was like.

 The Article I liked to most was the ‘Q’ Magazine, due to its content. I was thinking of incorporating the fact that the Article explains a day with the Band and gives the audience an insight into their daily schedules. Furthermore, the layout of the DPS is simple and effective. The eye is drawn to the picture of the Band performing from their perspective.

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  1. Krishna you have analysed the presentation of each well - can you also analyse the actual content of the dps and then reflect how you might incorporate some of the ideas into your own cw.