Friday, 31 January 2014

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Tara Phillips, Interviewer.

The Hot and New 'The Prospect' are an upcoming Band that are sailing through the charts to No.1! With their new album 'They're Stupidly Wrong' releasing they have their plates full with gigs, interviews, photo shoots and well you get the picture... I'M have been lucky to get the opportunity to sit down and get to know the boys.

‘The Prospect’ is made up of two charming boys Ben Warrington and Cameron Vear; who are both 17 Years of age. In this Interview, the two talk about life as a Band and also give some fresh new gossip about the dates of their tour. So, I suggest you keep your calendar free for the dates that are coming up later in the Interview.

 Interviewer Tara Phillips (that’s me!) sat down with the boys, who gave me answers to the questions and even asked some of their own. They told me everything, from their first ever gig at their local pub to their first world tour. “These boys have come a long way and they’re just going even further’’- praises the Manager of Universal Records.

The big question that I really wanted to know was how the Boys came about. Ben Warrington said that they’ve been “performing gigs at local pubs&one gig some man in a suit approached us, gave us his card and walked away! We were just like ‘what the hell happened?’ Only later did we discover that he was THE Manager of Universal Records!” Ben and Cameron still can’t over that initial shock. I mean it’s not every day you get signed to a record label is it? This was a vital time to ask about the industry. Cameron thinks that “Yes its hard work! But I mean nothings more rewarding than getting something knowing you’ve worked your ass of it. Another thing is that I’m here making music with my best friend. I’m living the dream!” Wow. Some inspirational words that I suggest you take note of, if you want to make it as far as ‘The Prospect’.

‘They Are Stupidly Wrong’ is just “one of many albums to come” from the Band that’s sizzling up the Charts. If you are into Indie music, then this album is right up your street! The boys (and me!) spoke to some fans that listened to the album and they reckon ‘’it’s one of the best albums ever!” Now that was an uplifting comment that made the boys have big smiles plastered on their faces for the rest of the Interview. “It’s such an incredible feeling, knowing that you’ve made music that people love!” Cameron stated. “People get some misconceptions about the Music Industry. They think it’s a glamorous lifestyle...” And Ben finishes of his sentence. You can see the friendship between the two. They are practically the same! “..But it’s not! You get up at times of the day, which you shouldn’t even see. EVER! And the hours of work vary from 8 to 13. It is very draining. Sometimes you wake up and think ‘JUST LET ME SLEEP!’”. Ok. Maybe it’s not all parties and booze! But when they do have the once night out “it ends up being the best night of our lives! We wake up and end up in a completely different place than where we fell asleep in.” They seem like party animals. Lads! If you are looking for a good night out, then these two are your guys!


Whilst we were having lots of laughs as the boys reminisce about the times they had, Ben bought up the subject of the dates for their upcoming tour. Of course. How can we forget?! So, I asked what dates they are touring. And they are touring the UK for a whole two months. “Some artists only do the major cities. Like London, Manchester, Edinburgh... Well you know what they class as the 'UK'; which realistically is only like four cities. We want to do every city possible. As well as having our own tour, we will be starring in Wireless, V and IMF!” Wow! These lads are keeping themselves busy! So! If you want to listen (and watch) some of the best music you will ever come across; then I would totally recommend you ALL to buy yourself some tickets and come along to these Festivals and their tour. If you don’t buy some tickets, well you’re just missing out then aren’t you?

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