Thursday, 16 January 2014

Analysis of Magazine Names.

All of these Magazine Names are short and snappy. They all suggest a sense of uniqueness and are all connected to Music. Some of these Names such as ''Wonderland'' makes the audiences wonder, which fulfils the intention that the Magazine wanted to pursue in the first place. They are all brightly coloured, which is eye-catching and grabs the audiences' attention. Generally, these names coincide with the genre of the Magazine and are short (to ensure that they'll receive the audiences' attention).

The Magazine Name I'd like to incorporate into my Mag, would be the 'NME'. As it is an acronym, it would be easier to comprehend. Thoughts have sprung to my mind and I would like the title for my Magazine to be an acronym of some sort. By looking at the NME title, it has an Indie sound to it as its short, simple and is dysphemistic (by getting straight to the point). Another element, I'd incorporate into my Mag would be the 'Q' Title. It has the connotation of a Question. This would make the audience become mysterious and curious about the direction of the Magazine and make them want to read it. Both of the colour palettes used in this Title, coincide with the colour palettes for my Magazine. Both are eye-catching and would attract the audience due to their use of a vibrant, dynamic red. 

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  1. Reflect on what you would want to incorporate into your own mag.